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COVID-19 vaccine: graphene oxide and vaccine magnetism finally proven

…to be a huge pile of bullshit – sorry but keep on reading.

Graphene oxide

So if you haven’t heard about graphene oxide yet, listen to this video.

The lady Dr. Jane Ruby says that 747ng/µl of graphene oxide is in every vial. This is (in other units) 0.747mg/ml. And it’s highly poisonous! by Krischkrisch on 12/12/2016

On the right you see aqueous dispersion with a concentration of 0.1 mg/mL graphene oxide.

So the concentration of graphene oxide is Biontech vaccine is supposed to be 7,5 times higher than in this picture, which means the color should be much more intense.

However, now take a close look at the color of the biontech vaccine in this video. What color is it? Well, it’s definitely NOT a solution of graphene oxide!


Now let’s take a closer look at the magnetism. People in videos all over the world are claiming that they became „magnetic“ from the injection. One injection carries 0.3ml of vaccine, which is equivalent to 300mm3 of vaccine. The vaccine is injected more than 10mm deep into the body (muscle), so let’s just take a distance of 10mm to the magnet.

This site lets you calculate the power of a magnet depending on various factors under optimal conditions.

So I selected a magnet of 10mm thickness and 6mm diameter which results in a volume of 282mm3. The result is a holding strength of 0.088 N ~ 0.009 kg. That means it could hold something weighing 9 grams if the contact surface points straight downward (gravity pulling exactly in the direction of the magnetic force). However, the displacement force which applies if the weight is pulled vertically to the magnet’s surface is much lower, about 1/5 to 1/6. So this would be below 2 grams. So „magnetic“ people should have absolutely no problem attaching the metal objects facing downward to the ground, instead you only see them attaching them to a vertical surface….

So if I would implant a neodymium supermagnet under the skin of a person and have it point properly to the skin, she would have a very small spot of 6mm diameter where the magnet could hold 9 grams. But people are placing lots of metal or heavier objects all over their shoulder, even other body parts.

So, here we are supposed to have a supermagnet that is even stronger than the strongest magnet on earth, a neodymium magnet. It would also be the first liquid magnet known to mankind. However, the 300mm3 of liquid supermagnet are mixed with 1800mm3 of water before injection! But it still retains its strength and magnetism for whatever reasons…! And then we inject it into a human body where we know that some of the injected liquid is transported away to other places in the body… but still?

And by the way, how does this supermagnet even pass the iron needle? Wouldn’t the injector require huge force to push the supermagnetic vaccine through the small iron needle because the magnetic liquid clings to the inner surface of the needle and blocks it?

Well, here’s one small hint: Pfizer did not patent their ingenious liquid transparent ultramagnet invention! So the race is on, go on, analyze it and patent it before someone else does. You can earn billions of dollars with this.


There is no graphene oxide in the vaccine and it doesn’t turn you into Magneto.

However, there are people who, with huge effort, try to make a fool of people. Don’t let them fool you – and stop sending me their videos. Thank you.


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